Hi and welcome to my website!
I am proud to say that I worked for Richard Noble and his BLOODHOUND Project, as part of their Education Programme helping to inspire the next generation of Great British engineers. I have been lucky enough to live and work around the UK and the world, but in my spare time I'm a specialist model engineer. Most of my builds are from scratch, ie not from a model kit, but I also enjoy modifying things too. The majority of my projects are one-off custom builds, specialising in sci-fi or military and built from recycled everyday items. This website is also dedicated to Kirk Bicycles, covering the history of these die-cast magnesium frames, the entire bike range and a wealth of interesting pictures.
Some of my projects have been featured on, as well as in the Guardian, and you can find me on LinkedIn:
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Anyway, this site will change constantly as I add more projects and pictures/videos, but feel free to contact me if anything catches your eye. Click on the logo below to go back to the main index.
Thanks. Simon.

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