Triangle Wheel Reflectors Triangle Wheel Reflectors
Vauxhall VX220 Vauxhall VX220
Recreating TRON Recreating TRON - Custom Digital Art
Millennium Falcon Vintage Star Wars Millennium Falcon - Wall Light (Remote Controlled)
Aliens APC 1/11th (Scratchbuilt) Aliens M577 APC - Radio Controlled
GTM Libra - Kit Car GTM Libra - Kit Car
Rover Metro Conversion Rover Metro to Audi TT Conversion (Kit)
Kirk Revolution 400LX Customised Kirk Revolution 400LX - Sold to Frank Kirk (the designer of the bike)
Replica Jackets Replica Jackets from Aliens and Stargate
Transporter Challenge 2004 Transporter Challenge 2004 Robot (Scratchbuilt) - Radio Controlled
Claud Butler Conversion Customised Claud Butler Cape Wrath
Miniature Lightsaber Miniature Lightsaber (Kitbashed) - Fully Functioning Torch
Ikea CD Rack Lamp Conversion Ikea CD Rack to Standing Lamp Conversion

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