Latest Projects

I normally have a number of projects running at the same time and here are the ones I'm working on at the moment. Once they're finished they'll get their own section on this website.

Hawaii - The Big Island
Not technically a project, but a chance to share my cycling adventure in Hawaii. I took a waterproof Panasonic Lumix FT2 with me and got some amazing pics and video from it. Here's the link to the trip details, which covered 576 miles of cycling over 12 days.

Laser Bike
I saw a prototype of this online and I thought I could make something similar. It needs tweaking, but the results got peoples attention (and cats too) It cost less than 5 to make my first attempt and about 14 to make version two.

Baby AT-ST - Scout Walker
Found this cute Scout Walker model at a local car boot sale in Nottingham and it currently sits on my desk. The plan is to super detail and weather it.

Vintage Star Wars AT-AT
This will be re-modelled to match the film version, because the head is completely out of proportion to the rest of the body. Then it'll be doctored to copy an amazing model by Dimitri Kaliviotis.

Projects that are on hold (until I sort out a better workshop):

These are some of the projects I've started, but have had to put on hold due to a lack of decent workshop space.

Click any image to enlarge it and view a brief description

Strv 103 - aka The S-Tank
I've been a fan of armoured vehicles for years, especially large scale custom-built ones. This one is a turretless tank from Sweden and it just looks different to anything else out there. As you can see I've built the tracks, hull and wheels, as well as a small mock-up to test the torsion beam suspension. It will need a complex suspension system to raise and lower the main armament, but I have a few ideas. The plan is to use a strimmer engine to power it, but I might use wheelchair motors, as it will be easier to steer.

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